Sportsguards or gum-shields are very important if you play sport. They are essential for contact sports like rugby, boxing or martial arts but are just as important for rackets sports, hockey or any sport where there is a risk of trauma to your teeth, including horse riding or mountain biking.

A custom made sportsguard protects the hard structures of your teeth reducing the risk of damage. It also protect your lips and cheeks from being cut by your teeth in an accident. Wearing a sportsguard can even reduce the risk of concussion.

“Off the shelf” sportsguards do not offer the same level of protection as they are often loose and ill-fitting. “Boil-in-the bag” types are often thinnest where you need most protection – on the biting edges of your front teeth.

We will make a mould of your upper teeth from which our laboratory will make a sportsguard which is a custom fit for you. We will arrange an appointment to check the fit your new sportsguard. You can choose colours or patterns or even have your name or a team logo inserted into the guard.

For adults a professionally made sportsguard should last for a number of sports seasons. For children whose teeth are still developing and still have some milk teeth a new sportsguard will normally be needed each year.