Where you have a missing tooth, or teeth, a bridge can be used to restore the gap.

A bridge involves preparing the tooth, or teeth, next to the gap to receive a crown. The crown(s) are made in the laboratory with a false tooth attached, so that when cemented on the supporting tooth/teeth the false tooth looks to be growing out of the gum, where your natural tooth used to be.

Bridges are best suited for restoring smaller gaps, when the potential supporting teeth are robust enough to take the extra load.

Bridges do require quite heavy and irreversible preparation of the supporting tooth, or teeth. Occasionally where the supporting teeth are intact an “Adhesive Bridge” design can be used which requires only minimal preparation of the supporting teeth.

We work closely with our technicians to produce the ideal life like appearance to your bridge. It is often helpful for the technician who makes the bridge to be involved in matching it’s shade and shape to those of the adjacent teeth. The finished bridge can then be “tried in”, both at the practice and the dental laboratory to verify an exact match before it is finally cemented into place.